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  • Rebecca Branle

The Bully and the Bible

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I hope you saw it. I hope you saw the protestors on their knees. Peacefully. Hands up. I hope you saw the horses charge. The tear gas fly. I hope you saw it.

I hope you know it. I hope you know that he staged that scene. That he assumed the protestors would be lawless, that they'd look like agitators. He staged it because he wanted to look like a hero, like your president of law and order, but they were peaceful and he is weak and he uses phrases like, "if there's looting there's shooting" and warns about unleashing "the dogs." If you don't know the place of these words in American history. Learn it. And know it.

Know that he's signaling to white supremacists. The language is theirs, and he's romancing them with it; the violence is all theirs.

Know that, in his reality TV mind, you were going to see bad, nasty protestors tamed by heroic police, and then, cut to a speech by him, where he'd appear strong and you'd associate those heroic police with him. He's using them. He's using you. He's using God. Because then he wants to cut to the picture of him holding the Bible. As if Jesus would ever condone tear gassing peaceful protestors, on their knees, asking for equality and justice, just so this small man could walk across the street and have his photo taken. He thinks you'll see the reality TV show instead of the reality. Know that.

I hope you saw it.

I hope you know it.

I hope you vote like it.

I hope you kneel like it.

I hope you live like it.

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