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  • Rebecca Branle

Time to Cash Out

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Money makes the world go round.

And it makes small people sell their souls, and their country, for more. More money, more power, more money, more power - the cycle of the sick. So if they say follow the money, I say cut off the flow. If those of us who value democracy want to save this country, we'll put our money where our mouths are...we'll talk in cash.

Because healing comes in steps, and we can't break into any kind of stride until we unify in truth. Every single Republican lawmaker needs to say what they've known to be true all along. They need to stand together, alongside their Democratic colleagues, and say without reservation that this election was free and fair. There is no evidence to the contrary. Never has been.

So why won't they, after everything, tell the truth in unison? It seems they should have by now, for the sake of the country. I hear it explained that they're afraid of losing the 70 million Trump voters, but friends, people don't come first to these folks, the same way that the country never came first. Money comes first. So if we want to end Trumpism, and I truly believe that a significant portion of those 70 million Trump voters are now done, we have to cut off the crooked. Every major PAC, corporation, billionaire and business needs to loudly and proudly state their intention to stop the flow. No more cash until the truth is told, not a penny more to lawmakers and to their lying megaphones, including FoxNews, NewsMax and OAN.

I know what you're thinking - how do you get those PACs and businesses and billionaires to care? The answer - money. Always, money. If the seditionists get their way and end our democracy, it won't mean healthy stock market gains. It won't bring profitable trade. The smart and rich but morally bankrupt people and entities that propped up this presidency and this party over the past 4 years have to fold their cards now. They got their deregulation. They got their tax cuts. They got so. much. richer. Now, it's time to call the game. Even they stand to lose if this rebellion wins.

So, let's do it. Let's tell the rich to cut the cash. Let's remind them why it behooves them to do so. And where the rich go, Republican lawmakers will follow. Why? Because it was the rich that funded the propaganda that spread the lies that closed the eyes of Americans who would have been done with this traitorous president years ago. They need that money to fund the rhetoric that will rebrand the party, that will make even the most cynical Republicans get back on board. Without money, the Republican party is over. If the Rebellion succeeds, the rich lose it all. They're backed into a corner, and we need to tell them we know.

Then, when the money is gone, the traitors will stand alone. The Republicans will need to get on board and do what they know they must - vote to remove and criminally prosecute this president and his cronies, including every lawmaker who voted against certification and every lawmaker who used rigged election and incitement rhetoric.

Is it a perfect fix? No. But it's a start and we can't heal until those who are culpable are held accountable, until the confused in our country are told the truth, finally. We won't get there by asking the lawmakers who enabled the creation of this mess to do the right thing. They don't speak that language. They speak in cash. So let's bankrupt the party whose moral compass has been spent for years.

Then, let's build back better.

Minus the racism.

Minus the misogyny.

Minus Trump.

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