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  • Rebecca Branle

Sweet Girl

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

If I could, I’d sweep the hair back from your eyes.

I’d let my fingers linger there, on your cheek.

I’d say you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay,

Even if your heart and your knees feel weak.

If I could I’d hold you in a safe embrace.

And tell you to take a moment to rest,

To find comfort in your heart’s steady beat, beat, beat,

I’d tell you you’ll find the answers in your chest.

I’d tell you not to make them into heroes,

The ones whose love came with a list of demands.

They said you’ve never been quite right, right, right,

As guilt dripped like blood from their hands.

Sweetest girl, don’t think because they’re old they’re wise.

Don’t you dare think they know what’s true.

There’s hate buried in the bed of their lies, lies, lies.

Baby, they’re afraid of you.

Because you’re a force that hasn’t had its hour,

You’re a well of truth waiting to flow.

Girl, stop handing them all your precious power.

Start listening to what you know, know, know.

Hate is hurt.

Hate is blind.

Love is strong.

Love is kind.

So you be strong.

So you be kind.

You keep making your way.

It’s gonna be okay, okay, okay.

It’s gonna be okay.

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