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  • Rebecca Branle


Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Hey Mike,

I’m wondering what it takes

To make someone you know invisible,

To hold up a glass

And toast to our past

Knowing my future’s bound to be miserable.

Mr. Best Dressed Best Man

Came armed with charm to spare,

Working the room

Protecting the groom.

Did you even know I was there?

Because you knew she was there,

At his bachelor night bash.

He was in a boozy blur

When he forced himself on her

Then threw her out like she was trash.

You discarded me like I was trash,

When you raised that fucking glass.

A witty toast to happily ever after

Even after you knew it couldn’t last.

Did everyone know about his past?

Because men who hurt women hurt all women.

Even the ones wearing white dresses.

Soon there were fights with fists

Instead of wedded bliss,

And I got added to his list of pretty messes.

When it made the paper and the sirens blew,

Did you shrug and say, “Who knew?”

You in your black tux,

Me all black and blue.

Hey Mike,

This one’s for you.

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