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  • Rebecca Branle

This Barn's for Biden. So is this Family.

Know what's amazing about hope? The more you share it, the more you have...kind of like love. Hope grows. Hope floats. Hope rises above fear and doubt and hate.

This weekend, hope visited our barn over and over and over again. It came as mother-daughter duos, as husband-wife teams, as groups of girlfriends; it came solo, and left feeling anything but alone. Hope came in honks and winks and waves. And every single time, with every single beautiful person, my heart swelled and smiled.

I learned something this weekend. I learned that love doesn't look like chasing someone for their approval. And life isn't well spent wearing yourself out trying to earn love that comes with a list of conditions, or that renders your accomplishments and sufferings invisible. Chasing that kind of love is a hard habit to break, but I'm committed to the cause.

Because, this weekend, I saw that love is all around me. It's my husband cheering me on, my kids celebrating with me, and my army of brave and beautiful girlfriends who are fighting this fight alongside me.

Our Liberty Barn was my expression of hope. I wanted to give it to passersby. I wanted them to know they weren't alone. I didn't realize it would return hope tenfold, that it would attract the Biden campaign and that they'd come and give our family this gorgeous gift, but it did. And my goodness guys, there are a lot of amazing people in this world.

Thanks. xoxo

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