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  • Rebecca Branle

The President is Positive. And Positively Guilty.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I'm trying so hard to find a way to approach this with love.

It's hard.

Because he hasn't once acknowledged the 210,000 Americans whose lives are lost, whose families are grieving, who didn't have a private health staff, access to fancy experimental drugs, and their own hospital floor.

Because he doesn't care.

Just like his family didn't care. They didn't care to wear their masks at the debate. They didn't care to wear their masks at the supreme court ceremony. They didn't even care to call their loyalists to tell them that there was a positive test among them. Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, the wealthy NJ donors...none were told of the danger. No contract tracing is being done.

Because more positive tests mean bad PR for the big guy. Imagine that. Imagine your image being more important than people's lives. So they went home to their families; they infected their families. You guys, it doesn't stop on the White House lawn, it spreads to the homes of normal folks, like us, who served the food, who raked the lawns, who held open the doors. We won't hear about their positive tests or their personal struggles. We won't hear because they don't care. And those folks, the ones like us, they won't have a personal staff or a helicopter or cocktails of experimental drugs. For them, the care won't be free. And you know what? They pay their taxes.

He feels better than he felt in 20 years, he says. He also says, "Don't be afraid of Covid," and tweets a quote referring to himself as an "invincible hero who not only survived every dirty trick the Democrats threw at him, but the Chinese virus as well." First, racism is dumb. Second, what does this say to all of our friends who have lost loved ones? Do these grieving families, who were hoping the president would adopt a more serious tone concerning the virus, deserve to be mocked by these messages?

So I'm searching for a way to respond with love. I am. I'm searching so hard. But sometimes you have to tell the truth, and the truth is, a real leader would acknowledge those lost, would be humble about his privilege, would keep his flipping mask on, and send a message to the public that underscores the importance of keeping masks on, of staying vigilant, and of getting through this together. He would acknowledge the others, his friends, who are sick.

If you don't see this, I'll pray for your vision. If you're still casting a vote for him, I'll pray for your heart. But don't you ever act like your vote is a moral vote. Don't you dare act like your vote is good for our country. It might be good for you, for your bank account (today, because trust, all bills become due), but there's nothing noble about casting a "me" vote when it destroys the "we" of our country.

There's nothing moral about this man, this administration, and this moment in our history.

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