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Thoughts on Transporting Asylum Seekers to Martha's Vineyard

It's the dehumanization for me. Over and over again.

They paint Jesus white and give him blue eyes and close their eyes to the real Him. Because Jesus could have been on those planes. Mary might have been wrapping her arms around her baby, hoping for safety and refuge and opportunity. Mary's skin wasn't white but her heart was pure. Why do they assume the hearts of folks who risk it all for their families, for their future, aren't pure?

It is because, to the party that pairs with swastikas and white supremacy, playing games with brown-skinned families seeking safety is a favorite sport? DeSantis puts them on planes and stands up to the mic, slicked hair, slick smile, as he jokes about his cruelty.

He doesn't see the people. He's inhumane so he can't humanize them.

But the joke's on him because the folks of Martha's Vineyard wrapped their arms around them. Clothed them. LISTENED TO THEM. They brought lawyers, warm food and KINDNESS. This is the America I claim. I want to live in the place that SEES people. That CARES about people. That LOVES people.

I left the party of piety in 2016 when they shrugged their shoulders at a rapist cheat. I realized they could genuflect to him because they didn't see "her." All the hers he violated. All the victims left in his wake. And over and over again I saw them close their eyes. To murders of unarmed black kids like Elijah McClain. To insults fired at John McCain. To corruption again and again and again.

Here, in PA, Mastriano blows his budget advertising to white supremacist groups. He lifts up the Nazis while he tears down queer kids and crafts plans to destroy our schools. He charters buses to commit treason and shrugs his shoulders at cops beaten with the backend of American flags...but he still flies his own flag with that thin blue line. He'll cross any line for power.

I haven't spoken up in a while because there are some that say I ask for trouble. Why do they think asking for love is asking for trouble? Why are they so afraid of seeing the humanity behind the lies of their hate?

I left the party, but it's not about parties.

It's about having a soul.

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