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  • Rebecca Branle

It's On You.

To the ones who paved the way for yesterday:

Donald Trump's years of documented racism didn't bother you. You liked his "style."

Steve Bannon and Steve Miller were "anti-establishment" and you were thrilled by their boldness.

Kyle Rittenhouse punched girls and came to murder, so you made him a hero. You made him rich.

And now Mike Miller and Dave Zimmerman do broadcasts about how bad diversity in schools and business is and openly mock LGBTQ+ people and you plunge their signs into your front yard and agree with them that "parents don't want diversity," because when you hear the word parent you only see white and straight. When you hear the word business and employee, you only see white and straight.

You throw your energy into anger because babies on the border are being fed formula. You want those babies to starve while you march in your pro-life rally and rally against healthcare for all. You're only pro-rich-white-life.

You watch FoxNews and they tell you about Replacement Theory and show images of migrants crossing the border. You're sure those folks with nothing but the clothing on their backs, soaked from crossing rivers, are loaded down with drugs. What drugs? Where? You rant about lack of workers to fill your jobs but it never occurs to you how much these folks want to work. It's never occurred to you that these folks aren't dangerous, they're fleeing danger, just trying to save their families. It doesn't register that they deserve your love instead of your disgust.

You hold tight to your guns. You want to carry them concealed. You want more magazines. You hang your black flag over your front porch and stick that constitution sticker to the back of your truck and wear your we-the-(white)-people t-shirts and flex your silly muscles. You realize the constitution didn't include me. And you love it.

Because you want to control my body and my mind because heaven forbid women get a chance to rule the world, to fix it. Heaven forbid we create real equality, real equity. Heaven forbid we take the racism and misogyny out of the founding father's words and make the words themselves real. Where would you be then? In a world where someone as dumb as Donald Trump couldn't be president? Where someone as dense as Dave Zimmerman would be laughed out of public office? In a world where Kyle Rittenhouse is in jail?

That's the world I want.

Sometimes, choosing love means calling people out. It's not too late to bring those flags in, to take down those signs, and to right our path. There's room for you over here, but hurry. We're running out of time to save our country.

Oh, and P.S. Jesus wasn't white with blue eyes and he's really bummed by your behavior.

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