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  • Rebecca Branle

He Showed Us Who He Was

When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

I think that's what's been driving me mad for the last 4 years. He showed us who he was. What if we had valued women enough to say, "enough?" What if racism was a dealbreaker? We wouldn't be here, now. So why haven't we learned that men who are a danger to women are a danger to us all? Why haven't we learned that racism is conspiracy in itself?

He showed us who he was.

The lies began before he took the oath and yet you hoped the oath would make him honest. That's not how evil men work, but you didn't want him to be evil because you wanted to believe in your party...and I understand that, but it's time to take back your party, and it's time to make some things wrong again. Violence against women, in word or action, is wrong. Racism, in all its forms, from your kitchen table to our government systems, is wrong. Name calling is wrong. Lying is wrong.

The election wasn't rigged.

Antifa didn't storm the capitol.

Joe Biden isn't a socialist. Repeat - Joe Biden IS NOT a socialist. And socialist programs, like public schools, police forces, and libraries can't be equated to Cuba. Please, think more along the lines of Canada, Switzerland, Sweden and Australia.

Covid wasn't planted by people who want to destroy Trump. It's not a flu.

Black Lives Matter is not a violent communist organization.

I understand that we clash right now because we no longer have a barometer of truth. We aren't weighing economic ideologies; we're pitting two entirely different worlds against one another. We need to understand, though, that we're all in the same world. I could say that the world is flat and I could post it and make memes about it and Tucker Carlson could herald me for uncovering the unpopular truth...but it still wouldn't be the truth. We need to get back to the truth.

And we need to stop hurting each other. Instead, we need to push back against and rise above the folks who fed us the lies in the first place. Those folks, those lies, that incitement, is why 5 people are dead after Wednesday. Those folks, those lies, that incitement, is why over 360,000 people have died of COVID in our country. Because we had a leader who chose his power, his reelection, himself, over all of us.

So if he's not going to make this about us, let's make this about us, ourselves. Let's denounce this dark chapter from every side of the aisle. Let's stop the lies that fed a conspiracy monster and led to violence. Let's, finally, understand that Donald Trump is exactly who he showed us he was.

He's a conman. A liar. An abuser. A racist. And a traitor.

Question is, who are we?

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